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'The Seeker' - online magazine

What is 'a Seeker'? In the words of Shri Mataji; "Seekers are that special category of people who are aware that they have to seek something more than material well-being, or power, or the so-called pleasures of life. There is a special category born out of the people who have had this seeking before they came on this Earth. They worked it out, and today they are ready to receive the knowledge. This knowledge is not the knowledge that you can know through your brains. Whatever you can know through your brains is limited, because the capacity of your brain is limited. You have to have a higher sensitivity to know this knowledge." Now there is a magazine for the seekers of truth - check it out here on our website, or download for free.

Main resource for diverse information about Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual guide of our times.

With rich video content and numerous articles, find out fascinating details about Shri Mataji’s incredible life story, her great vision for humanity, and the tremendous work she carried out to give thousands and thousands of people their spiritual rebirth, and establish Sahaja Yoga for posterity. The large collection of video material compiled by the site can also be found on its YouTube channel.



Sahaja titles

Check out a selection of books on Sahaja Yoga (available to purchase as a hard copy / on Kindle). They include 'Journey Within'; 'Meta Modern Era' by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi; 'Sahaja: An Introduction to Sahaja Yoga' by Christopher Greaves; 'Silence Your Mind' by Dr Ramesh Manocha; and Meditation: 'The Joy of Spiritual Self Knowledge Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation' by Nigel T Powell.




This is an easy-to-follow, practical book that shows how meditation can fit into your busy schedule to improve your sense of well-being; help you reach your potential in sport, work and creative pursuits; and increase the quality of your life. For just 10 minutes a day, you can feel the benefits that meditation brings to your mental and physical health. This outstanding new study (available on Amazon) of the science behind 'thoughtless awareness' and Sahaja Yoga meditation, draws on the results of over 15 years of research by Dr Ramesh Manocha, an eminent Australian GP and researcher. This book will appeal to people who wouldn't normally consider meditation, as well as those who want to make it part of their daily lives.

Researching Meditation:

Scientific studies on the state of consciousness called ‘thoughtless awareness’, also known as 'mental silence', an experiential phenomenon particularly associated with the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

World’s first study of health & quality-of-life among people who have practiced meditation for two years or more (13-May-2012) has revealed links between meditation and general well-being, including mental health. The survey, which focused on practitioners of Sahaja Yoga, and was covered by over 90 newspapers and publications around the world, can be found here

Learn to meditate from the comfort of your home!

If you have access to the internet, a FREE ONLINE MEDITATION COURSE complete with EMAIL SUPPORT is always available at the click of a button. Simply visit Enrol on a course, and correspond with experienced practitioners by email – all free of charge. Available in eleven languages! 


Sahaja Yoga London

Sahaja Yoga London - your roadmap to joy & beyond:

For some, it is information more valuable than the most closely-guarded of secrets. Across London town, there are oases of peace: quiet places where a very special magic can release you from the hustle and bustle and tensions of the city, washing your inner being with purity, so that you emerge refreshed and renewed. Meditation – its silent depths truly can be transformative. And Sahaja Yoga is much more than silent meditation: in the joy that is awakened, music, dance, and creativity follow. Find out the locations and timings of London’s meditation oases - the weekly public programmes which are always free to attend - and the various activities and events taking place at the Sahaja Yoga London site.

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Check out the Ealing Arts & Leisure website for various local events.